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Established in 2013, Shanghai Daeyeon Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical company focusing on polyimide monomer research and development. Our company pays attention to the cultivation of innovation ability and the improvement of research and development ability. 

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What is a Polyimide?
A polymer is defined as a large network of molecules that consist of many repeat units. A polyimide is a specific type of polymer, consisting of imide monomers. Polyimides are highly desirable for their heat resistance, mechanical strength, and insulative properties. What is an Imide? To obtain ...
What is polyimide used for? Polyimide is used for medical tubing, e.g. vascular catheters, for its burst pressure resistance combined with flexibility and chemical resistance. The semiconductor industry uses polyimide as a high-temperature adhesive; it is also used as a mechanical stress buffer. ...
PI monomer
As an attractive dielectric material, polyimide has been widely used in the field of electronics, aerospace, and automobiles fulfilling increasing need for materials that can perform well under harsh conditions, such as elevated temperatures. Polyimides are an important class of step-growth polym...
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